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Restoration & Conservation of Traditional Brickwork

I am an brick conservator, conservation bricklaying is an intricate process, where historic brickwork is assessed and recorded, before being carefully conserved.

My work can range from re-pointing of the joints in lime mortar to rebuilding damaged areas of brickwork and replacing bricks that are beyond repair. I complete repairs in a way which allows as much of the historic brickwork to be retained, but sometimes replacements are required.

My vast wealth of experience ensures that I’m firmly anchored within the full spectrum of the historic environment.

My success has not been without a carefully cultivated approach, which puts people at the centre of my organisation. Quality craftsmanship in all fields is guaranteed due to my continuous framework of personal development at practitioner and professional levels. To this end, I have a vast amount of experience in the planning, enabling, procurement and completion of conservation projects.

Additionally, I am committed to a systematic approach to Health and Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Quality Assurance. I am particularly keen to use our conservation principles towards the sustainable and safe management of the historic environment, with an outcome that delivers excellence.

I do not just regard myself as being a conservationist as I strongly believe that I am a stakeholder in our historic environment. Through my professional and accomplished approach, I am humbled by the fact that I’m party to the process of enabling our priceless cultural heritage to survive for the next generation.

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